One thing a lot of gun owners and gun owner wannabes ask is, "how does one go about buying a used firearm?" As time goes on, guns start to depreciate in terms of efficiency, so people would like to know the type of guns that retain their value for extended periods. They also wonder through what means they should go about purchasing it, online or at a gun show? At what cost and when it comes to the level of depreciation, what signs of wear and tear should I be looking out for?

Well, first things first, if you want to get a gun, but your budget is not high enough for a solid, new one, then getting a used one at a reduced cost is a good way to go. However, make no mistake, buying a used firearm comes with some issues that getting a new one would not come with. Smart buyers are usually able to get good guns at a bargain, but in some terrible cases, one might end up paying money for something that is not only useless but might also be dangerous if used.

Below are some steps you need to take before going ahead to buy a used firearm


It doesn't matter if the transaction is going down online or face to face, always be sure to know just about everything there is about the person that you are going to be buying a weapon from. In many cases, you might already know the fellow, but not in all cases.

ONLINE: The internet is full of marketplaces where a prospective gun buyer can visit if he or she wants to get a weapon. However, shopping via this medium for a used gun means you will not be able to check what you are buying physically. Meaning, you will only have pictures and descriptions to go on and need to put some faith in the buyer and trust that you won't be scammed.

First things first, you'll need to research on the online marketplace itself because there are some disreputable places on the internet and a little search will reveal them to you. Afterwards, check out the history of the person you are buying from and the previous transactions they've been involved in. They might have ratings and reviews as well which talk about how working with them was amongst other things, make sure you go through all that. All this is to make sure when you make your decision, it will be an informed one.


PHYSICAL GUN STORES: Buying from a physical shop is more reliable in the sense that you can see what it is you are buying. Research is also necessary here and you also need to visit the internet and read about the store if any information is available. If not, then you can visit a shop you like and converse with those who work there and just get a general feel of the place. Buying a used gun from a brick and mortar shop is much better because most of these establishments will not want to sell you a faulty or possibly dangerous gun.

PAWN SHOPS: When it comes to guns, pawn shops are usually looked at as a shady place to get them. In truth though, once you are equipped with the right questions to ask and receive the correct answers to those questions, buying from a pawn shop will come at no risk. Reputable pawn shops are reliable as well and will not sell you a hot firearm or one that is broken or dangerous.

GUN SHOWS: If you go to a gun show, you have the chance to see a wide range of firearms and also, a chance to find a rare one that you probably may not have seen at a brick and mortar or an online store. Purchasing a gun at a gun show is usually done on a whim, and hence, adequate research might not be conducted, but even at that, you can get as much information as possible at that location and then trust your gut and intuition.  

2.) TRY GOOGLING IT When you find a gun you find interesting and want to purchase, do research on everything there is to know about it. it could be a foreign brand or an exotic one, but you need to know things about it like the cost, the public's opinion of the gun, the number of them that are available and so on. A good google search will provide you with all this information and even more.  



This is just like research. Asking the right questions and listening to, and assessing the answers will give you some insight as to the nature of the gun's previous owner and also, the quality of the weapon being given to you. Questions like "Has it ever been customized?" "Why are you selling it?" "For how long have you had it?" "What did you use the gun for" and so on. If the dealer gets annoyed because you ask "Too many questions" then you probably should take your money elsewhere.


Check the weapon for things like wear and tear as these issues may result in a drop in the gun's price without affecting how it works. Furthermore, look out for things that affect how it works, like a slide release that doesn't work, or adjustable sights that fall out or can't be adjusted and so on.

You can also softly rattle the gun to see if there is anything loose you should be concerned about.

MODIFICATIONS: Check out for customization of any kind. Do they make you want the gun more or do they make you want it less? Some people want a gun that is the way it was from the factory, or close, and won't want to pay a lot for modified weapons.

Furthermore, if the seller allows you, then disassemble it. This will give you a chance to inspect the working parts much closer. Some guns can look super outside, but be completely wrecked inside usually if the previous owner didn't know a lot about proper firearm maintenance, and it works vice versa as well. Does the barrel have bulges? Is there rust on the bore?

Also, you can dry fire the gun if you are allowed. If the trigger has any issue, it will be revealed. If you are buying online, then request for clear pictures of the gun and its disassembled parts from as many angles as possible.


Finally, this is a used gun, it may be in tip-top shape, but it has been used. Before getting to this stage, you must have already gotten an idea of the price for used guns of the type you want to buy, so try to keep the price as low as possible, so you get a good weapon at a bargain. Stay polite and barter well until you both reach a price you are comfortable with.

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