Firearms Safety Training LLC
Competence gives CONFIDENCE


The Mission of Firearms Safety Training is to bring quality training, both in-person and distance formats, to those who are new to firearms or a to a particular type of weapon.

We strive to reach and assist people of average lifestyles who do not have the inclination, time, or budget to become "Tier One Operators" or Gunfighters of the First Order. Everyday people simply wish to protect themselves and their families from harm by the violent criminal elements of our society. FST respects and caters to the needs of those people.

Our training sessions and training materials focus on giving normal people the skills they need to protect themselves and their families within the time and finances available to them.

"Focus on the object, not on the obstacle." - DEA

"Practice is the best of all instructors."  * Maxim 439 - Sententiae by Publilius Syrus