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FST offers several courses designed to help you improve your ability to safely handle and shoot firearms. Our courses are available in small group or individual format. All are one-day courses to maximize convenience and minimize cost for our clients. A series of follow-up practical exercises are provided with each course, so that clients have a program to continue to enhance their skills after the class. Students will receive training documentation sufficient to obtain a Florida Non-Resident Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.
Situations drawn from real life, not Walter Mitty-ish “ninjas descending from the ceiling” fantasies, form the basis for our class curriculums and scenarios.

Concealed Carry Skills

Learn the operational skills you need to safely and effectively carry a concealed firearm.
Skills to be taught include: • Drawing from a holster safely and effectively • Engage targets quickly and accurately • Reloading using an ammunition/magazine pouch • Concealment garment techniques • Effective practice procedures
Equipment requirements: (rentals available) • Serviceable concealable pistol, of any caliber, with 1 spare magazine. Revolvers require 1speedloader. • Holster that covers the trigger guard • Magazine pouch or other ammunition carrier (speedloader, etc.) • Eye and ear protection, plus a cap with a visor Ammunition requirement: 50 rounds (available for purchase) Class Size: Limited to 11 students Certification: Satisfies the training requirement to obtain a State of Florida Non-Resident Concealed Weapons Permit. The Florida CWP adds 7 additional states to Reciprocity for a Georgia Licensee.

This 4 hour class will be offered December 3d, 2012 at Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range in Sandy Springs. The cost is $100 per person. Ammunition is not included. Contact Sandy Springs Gun Club to register.

Snub Nose Revolver Skills Development

This is a one-day skill building class particular to 5 shot snub revolvers.

It will emphasize marksmanship development, gunhandling skills, carry techniques, and incident re-enactment(s).

Learning objectives for the class:

* Make hits with the snub, not just noise. * Reload the revolver efficiently and with confidence. * Carry the revolver in a low profile way and practice deploying it.* Employ the snub in re-enactment of actual life preservation situations. * Shoot a state recognized Concealed Carry qualification course. * Learn appropriate practice techniques and drills to keep your skills up after the class is over.

Attendees will receive a training certificate sufficient for obtaining a Florida Non-Resident Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.

Equipment requirements: Eye and ear protection, revolver with belt holster, at least one speedloader. Optional but encouraged: Given the usual environments we carry snubs in, wear old business casual type clothing that you don't mind getting dirty/torn. Such personal comfort items as you feel you will need, e.g., hat, sunscreen, etc. I will provide water at the range.

Ammo requirements: 100 rounds of practice ammo; ammunition that is NOT +P is preferable. 10 rounds of the ammunition you keep for self defense purposes.

Limited to 12 students.

This 8 hour class will be offered Sunday, June 9, 2013 at Westford Sportsmen’s Club, Westford, MA. The cost is $250 per person. Ammunition is not included. Go to Northeast Shooters website  to register.

Concealed Carry: Beyond the Basics

This course is for experienced shooters who want to apply their livefire skills in reality based training and simulations. It gives private citizens the opportunity to receive court defensible firearms skills training at the same level police officers are required to by court decisions. The courts, in several different cases, have held individual officers and agencies liable for failing to undertake viable firearms training.

Training at this level also gives a sense of confidence that individuals who carry weapons wish to have. Their ability to apply or not apply deadly force in an appropriate and competent manner is enhanced.

This is a shooting course with minimal lecture. It gives armed persons experience at using their firearms to perform a number of realistic shooting tasks and document that training. Persons taking this course should already be competent at safely drawing a pistol from a holster and hitting a silhouette target at 7 yards; it is not a beginner’s course.

Persons taking this course should already be competent at safely drawing a pistol from a holster and hitting a silhouette target at 7 yards; it is not a beginner’s course.

Course requirements: Serviceable pistol of any caliber, strong side hip holster that does not collapse, ammo carrying capability of 30 rounds in magazines or speedloaders, 200 rounds of ammunition.

This 8 hour class will be offered TBA at South River Gun Club in Covington. The cost is $200 per person plus $25 range fee. Ammunition is not included. Go to the eShop  to register.