Firearms Safety Training LLC
Competence gives CONFIDENCE


Firearms Safety Training LLC is an education and training firm. It is devoted to training gunowners to be confident and capable with their firearms. We provide training services on the range and distance education products that allow shooters to increase their competence on their own.

Our emphasis is on concealed carry with smaller pocket size pistols, home defense training with pistols and shotguns, and enjoyment of the shooting sports, both formal and informal.

We specifically focus on commonly owned and/or carried pistols that are frequently overlooked or maligned by the mainstream gun discussion community. Smaller weapons are used effectively with monotonous regularity by everyday people.

You will never hear nonsensical statements like "the best gun for my wife is an H&K USP Compact in .40" from us. While that is a fine pistol, it is inappropriate for small statured people who don't train or practice.

"Focus on the object, not on the obstacle."